Coco Rope Craft: Make An Rope Ottoman Chair from Old Tire

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coconut rope craft

Coco rope craft – There are several types of coconut that can be taken from the fiber and processed into various coconut fiber crafts. For entrepreneurs, coconut palms have great commercial potential. Starting from small businesses such as the sale of coconut fiber handicrafts to exporting coconut handicrafts.

Coconut fiber is one of the natural fibers that can be processed into various handicraft products. The manufacturing process is not difficult to do. You just need perseverance, patience, and meticulousness to do it.

What is coconut fiber rope made of?

Coconut fiber is part of a coir blanket or protector in the form of coarse fiber. The thickness of each coconut fiber differs from the other, depending on the type of coconut. Generally, the coconut fiber used for crafts is taken from old coconuts. Older coconuts have thicker and stronger fibers.

The reason coconut fiber can be processed is because of the fiber content and fiber powder. Both materials are the main materials of coconut fiber handicrafts. However, before being processed into a craft, the coir will go through a cleaning process and so on to make it work better.

Coir rope is commonly known as coconut rope. That is, a rope made from coils of coconut fiber that are strung together and tied together to form a tight rope. The reuse of coconut fiber waste for use as rope through various processes in an effort to increase the economic value of processed coconut products.

Fiber for making coco rope or coconut fiber rope is made from coconut fiber which is processed in such a way by a coconut fiber decomposition machine to form a separate fiber, also known as coir fiber. The fibers are reprocessed by manual twisting or using a fiber spinning machine.

How to Make a Rope Ottoman Chair – Coco Rope Craft

An example of a coco rope craft is making the rope ottoman chair of coconut rope. By doing this craft you can save a lot of money and spend it on other things.


  • Old tires (check a junkyard or your local auto shop if you don’t have them!)
  • Coconut coir rope (about 150′ of 3/8″ thick rope, or 100′ of 1″ thick rope)
  • 50′ of 3/8″ nylon webbing
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • Pair of scissors
  • Sealants and brushes (optional)

The steps

  1. Wrap nylon straps around the rim, so that the criss-cross straps cross in each direction and form a nice, taut cover for the open portion of the rim. Tie a string to itself so it stays firmly in place.
  2. Starting at the edge of one side of the tire, wrap the coconut coir rope strap around the tire, hot-gluing the nylon strap as you go. Continue wrapping until all sides of the tire are covered.
  3. Continue wrapping until you reach the top of the tire, forming a concentric circle along the base of the nylon strap. You have to attach the coconut coir rope to itself and also to the nylon rope as you go. When you get halfway to the top of the rim, cut off the excess strap and glue the ends in place.
  4. You can paint the straps with a light sealing coat if you plan to keep your ottoman outside.

That is an awesome creation, isn’t it? The tutorial makes a rope ottoman chair coco rope craft. You can try it by yourself at your home. I am sure your room looks modern and aesthetic.

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